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Industry Related Promotion

The main purpose of advertising specialties is to serve as a reminder. The more a person is exposed to your message the more likely they are going to retain it. A good way to achieve this goal is to give Industry Related gifts that will be used frequently.

Industry Related promotions create logical and functional connections between you and your consumer. For example, California based Wingard Construction is handing out the Mini Aluminum LED Flashlights at an annual charity golf tournament this October. Wingard specializes in fire and water reconstruction for insurance claims. The flashlights will be given primarily to insurance adjusters. Typically these adjusters are required to examine homes ruined by devastating fires. They are usually boarded and very dark inside. The flashlight will have an indestructible message laser engraved on the barrel. The adjusters will have a handy durable back-up flashlight that will serve as a constant reminder.

In addition to the flashlights or for future events, the Mesh Safety Vest and other construction gifts like tape measures are great giveaways for this industry. Items that can be used by your consumer provide a direct connection to you and your advertisement.