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Grow Your Business with Promotional Products

It’s no news flash that the economy has gone bad. Sales are down and costs are rising. So what do you do to grow your business?

Those who are apprehensive quickly reduce spending in order to cut costs. Reducing expenses is good business practice if you make sensible decisions. Inopportunely, advertising budgets are often the first to decrease. Companies who don’t continue to fund promotions will decrease advertising noise to the advantage of those who do. Businesses who invest will stand out. Promote your business with customized advertising specialties and you will experience the reward.

Research shows that advertising using promotional products increases sales, brand recognition, and market share. So a struggling economy is no reason to slow down marketing efforts. It is an opportunity to grow your business and promotional products grant results.

The Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) provided results to a recent survey. 52% of the respondents said that they conducted business with an advertiser they have received a promotional product from. 52% said that their impression of the company was more favorable after receiving the item.

The types of promotional gifts are endless. A few of the more familiar advertising item categories are:

Desk/Office Items
Earth Friendly
Holiday Items
Industry Related
Promotional Mailers
Sports Bottles
Trade Show Items
Travel Accessories
Totes, Bags, and Duffels

Investing in promotional products, in efforts to grow your business, despite the status of the economy is positive determination.