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Perpetual Promotions: Date Finder Calculator Calendar

Days come and go faster each year and our lives get busier every minute. Planning and scheduling are important parts of our daily lives. Calendars are useful tools in every profession where organization is key to success. Promotional calendars are effective marketing tools in our fast paced society.

Featured in today’s blog are the Date Finder Calculator and a few unique Perpetual Calendars. They are everyday advertising specialties that never expire.

The Date Finder Calculator is a functional tool for future planning. Its clean white face has a large imprint area for your logo and marketing information. Imprinting on both sides is available. Your advertisement will be in view everyday it is used. Its four-inch diameter and flat surface make it a great tool for direct mail campaigns. It will slide right into your pocket/purse.

Perpetual Calendars are perpetual gifts. The contemporary designs of the MoMA Acrylic Perpetual Calendar and the lightweight aluminum Perpetual Calendar are sleek and attractive. The advantages of the Silver Double Frame/Perpetual Calendar, Perpetual Photo Frame Calendar and the Perpetual Calendar/Frame are tripled. As your clients admire the photo of their loved ones and use the calendar they will also see your imprinted marketing message.

As blogged in the past we’ve learned that calendars are everlasting and powerful marketing tools.