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Basketball Stress Ball – Playing the Point Guard Position

Nextaff’s marketing objective was to find a successful advertising tool for their Kansas City branch sales team. They are a professional hiring organization. Their sales team visits local companies in efforts to bring in new clientele. They were looking for a promotional product they could leave behind as a small item of remembrance.

Nextaff provides staffing and payroll services to companies nationwide. They use a proven formula for placing the right people in the right position. The challenge was to find promotional items to portray that.

Their sales manager is really into basketball. Her interest in basketball helped her come up with a clever solution, the Basketball Stress Ball.

So what does a basketball have to do with a staffing company? Well, just like in basketball, this company plays the point guard position. The point guard has the most specialized and important role in basketball. Essentially, the role of the point guard is to control the ball and make sure that it gets to the right players at the right time. Just like a staffing company does the hiring work for you.

The basketball stress ball was given to human resources managers at various companies. When they use it they will be reminded of who will play point guard for their staffing needs. A slam dunk idea!