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Awareness and Inspiration from a News Anchor’s Climb

As I watched Ann Curry report from Mount Kilimanjaro on the Today show this morning a lot of things came to my mind. My first thought was “wow, what a cool job!” but more importantly I thought about the purpose of her journey and the teamwork it took to accomplish it. It is part of the “Ends of the Earth” project where the news anchors of the morning show where sent to different parts of the Earth to report on the effect of global warming.

Ann Curry and her team showed proof that “more than 80 percent of Kilimanjaro’s famous ice cap has disappeared in the last 100 years”. This proves how important it is to contribute to a greener Earth. Promotional products that are Earth friendly raise environmental awareness. Use Earth conserving products whenever possible.

A camera crew and several guides helped Curry hike a difficult route up the mountain. They were determining whether to continue to the summit or turn back because of altitude sickness. You’re probably not facing the same dilemma but you may be struggling while trying to climb the mountain of success in your own business or career. Use teamwork to reach the peak of your success. Inspirational products are helpful when you need to motivate your employees. Employee recognition awards, achievement awards and plaques are incentives that recipients can feel proud of.