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Recession Busters: Save with Closeouts!

Economic analysts predictions by the Philadelphia Federal Reserve say that this ugly recession will last through the second quarter of 2009. “But, those surveyed are cautiously optimistic that the government stimulus package will begin a slow growth recovery”. It’s rough out there and no one really knows what to expect in 2009.

In any case, the holiday season is here and the need for creative competitive marketing couldn’t be greater. Promotional Items are effective marketing tools to increase sales and grow your business. They are also a great way to show appreciation to your customers and employees. However, your budget might be getting tighter and you may feel like you are running out of options.

Garrett Specialties is your number one source for business gifts at the best prices. To help you through this economic crisis we’ve created a new section of Closeout promotional products at unbeatable prices. They are conveniently categorized by Items $1.00 and below, $5.00 and below, $10.00 and below, $20.00 and below, and $50.00 and below to help you save. Closeouts specials are while supplies last.

Shown in the image above is the Atomic Clock. It automatically receives signals broadcasted to synchronize exact time and date in your location. Also the Clear View Umbrella, the Global Cube Stress Ball, and the very popular Office Dirt, just add water and watch the grass grow.

Don’t forget to check out the advertising SALE items too!