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Tips to Lure Holiday Shoppers

Holiday shoppers this season will be frugal. The biggest drop in retail sales on record was last month and expectations for the rest of the season are glum. Shoppers are cutting down on spending and shopping on premeditated budgets. These are definite signs of a recession.

So here are a few tips to attract consumers.

Make your product or service more affordable by cutting the luxuries. Stock items that cost less and sell for less. Customers are making buying decisions based on price, so cut them where possible by as much as possible. People are shopping for bargains. Promotional pens and promotional direct mailers are great inexpensive ways to advertise sale events.

Start a frequent buyer program where you offer discounts or free gifts after an allotted amount is purchased. Punch key tags are just the thing for retail, food or service industries. Shoppers won’t forget to bring their cards because it is attached their keys. Punch card key chains are continuous reminders, a great way to display your logo, and they encourage buyers to come again and again.

Organize promotional events. Give them a reason to come in by offering something for free. Executive gifts, mugs and drinkware, calendars and planners are great giveaways for raffles and games.

Keep spirits high by being staying optimistic. It will rub off on employees and shoppers making this tough holiday season more enjoyable.