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Are Super Bowl Ads as Effective as Advertiser Gifts?

Custom Promotional Sports ProductsNot everyone is interested in football. Personally, I’m one of those people who will be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday for the commercials and halftime. Of course, I’m joining the party for the beer and junk food too, but that’s another story.

It’s interesting how corporations really go the extra mile when creating Super Bowl ads. Not to mention the millions of dollars that are spent for a 30 second spot. Is it really worth it?

“According to a survey released… by the National Sports Marketing Network, which has 7,000 members representing sports … Continue Reading

Promotional Koozies Stand Out

Can Koozie, Custom Imprinted Koozies
To create a presence at the 2008 Austin City Limits music festival a local favorite, Shiner Beer, had a clever marketing solution. Heineken was the official sponsor; other businesses were not allowed to advertise inside the event.

So, outside the festival entrance, Shiner handed out custom promotional can koozies that looked exactly like a can of Shiner Bock. Festival goers looked like they were drinking Shiner instead of Heineken. Brand loyal locals enjoyed snubbing the corporate sponsor. Others simply kept their beer cold while creating a presence for the company. The yellow promotional koozie … Continue Reading

Increase Influence and Increase Sales

Looking for ways to increase sales? Consider this three-part approach to increasing your advertising’s impact.

First concentrate on a specific niche and include a compelling offer in your advertising message. Generate interest by giving the biggest discount you can afford, a bonus, or an incentive like a promo gift. The catch is that you must follow up on your hits immediately. Prospective clients are not driven to buy the first time they see your marketing message. So, do whatever you can to maintain their interest.

To convert prospects into customers “remove the obstacle of risk.” Offer a satisfaction guarantee. Promise results with … Continue Reading

Flame Body Spray: A Different Scent on Promotions

Flame body sprayThis has to be one of the most interesting guerrilla marketing campaigns ever seen. Burger King released a new body spray fragrance. Yes, body spray. What does it smell like? Well, the company claims that their burger is America’s favorite burger. So, Flame “captures the essence of that love and gives… the scent of seduction, with a hint of flame-broiled meat.”

I don’t know if anybody loves the hamburger enough to want to smell like it, but apparently it worked. The fragrance is sold out. It is on back order until the end of January. If … Continue Reading

Using Promo Items for Mastering the 30-Second Pitch

Promotional Baseball Caps and Custom Personalized Stress Relievers
For every sales pitch the goal is to captivate your prospective clients with an important and compelling message. Here are some tips on mastering your 30-second pitch, also know as the elevator pitch.

First, use an attention grasping promotional product. Using a promo product during your sales pitch does two things. One, it gets their attention and breaks the ice. Two, you’re leaving something behind that will be remembered. Studies show that advertising specialties are very impressionable and 8 out of 10 people remember the advertiser by the promo … Continue Reading

Health and Wealth Fitness Promos

Custom Fitness Products
Now is a great time to market with fitness promotions! As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Employee health programs, cancer awareness and prevention, and new year’s resolutions are just a few reasons why promotional fitness items are effective marketing tools.

Employee wellness programs provide a number of benefits to large and small businesses. They’re proven to increase employee confidence, enhance employees’ health and provide an added recruitment incentive. Fitness programs also provide financial benefits. They lower the cost of health benefits and decrease the rate of absentees.

February … Continue Reading

Lego… USB Flash Drive

This custom thumb drive was creatively constructed using toy lego pieces. It would be fun to see what could be built with a hand full. This piece was crafted by hand just for fun. Interesting enough, it would make a great marketing campaign.

Personalized USB Flash Drives are handy little memory sticks for file sharing and traveling. Load it with catalogs or advertising literature for a convenient, compact and innovative way to get information to a client.

New Products: Bottle Opener Baseball Hat, Bubba Keg Food Container

Bottle Cap Opener Baseball Hat and Bubba Grub Keg Snack Storage
Two great new custom sports products have been added to our fabulous line of marketing items. Because they are so cool, they’ll definitely stick around for a while and prove to be advantageous to the right marketing campaign.

The Bottle Opener Cap and the Bubba Grub Keg are the newest and hottest sport items. Just in time for Superbowl! Or start planning ahead for spring and summer sporting events, and outdoor fun!

These advertising gifts are the type people like to talk about and show off making them … Continue Reading

After a Corporate Event

Business Card Holder and Voice RecorderThe last post was about making the best out of trade shows and corporate events in 2009. So now I’d like to continue that discussion and talk about what to do next. What do you do with all the knowledge and contacts you’ve gained from your last event?

First, have a morning meeting with your employees and partners to share what you have learned at an industry show or from a new business contact. Think about what new marketing products you can use that will be effective at your next event. … Continue Reading

Get the most from the next Trade Show and 2009

Trade Show GiveawaysIt’s a New Year! It’s time for trade shows gifts, new goals, corporate budgets, marketing ideas, and innovations. It’s time to start reorganizing, reworking, and planning to make 2009 the best year yet. So here is a plan to help you get the best out of tradeshows and reach your business goals.

First identify and understand your mission. What are your goals and how will you achieve those goals? Take an honest assessment of the current state of your business and decide what areas need improvement. Then create realistic goals and jot down … Continue Reading