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Using Promo Items for Mastering the 30-Second Pitch

For every sales pitch the goal is to captivate your prospective clients with an important and compelling message. Here are some tips on mastering your 30-second pitch, also know as the elevator pitch.

First, use an attention grasping promotional product. Using a promo product during your sales pitch does two things. One, it gets their attention and breaks the ice. Two, you’re leaving something behind that will be remembered. Studies show that advertising specialties are very impressionable and 8 out of 10 people remember the advertiser by the promo gift they’ve received. For example, a promotional stress ball is a great item for a sales meeting. People like to leave them on their desktop and they are handled often. Apparel and baseball caps are also great promotions because people see them as useful and valuable. In the image… MANE Squeeze Stress Balloon and Natural Soft-Crown Brushed Twill.

Second, keep it brief. The reason why the 30-second pitch is so short is because people have short attention spans. Also people are always on the move and may have a limited amount of time that they can commit to you.

Third, be specific. Make your statements clear and comprehensible. Don’t use clichés or industry jargon that your client may not understand and to avoid sounding like everyone else.

Fourth, adapt your message to your client. For example, a small business may be interested in saving money or a large firm might be interested in what makes your business unique.

Lastly, and most importantly, show enthusiasm. Most business decisions are based on first impressions, which are created within the first few seconds of a conversation. So smile and show that you are passionate about your products and services.

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