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Flame Body Spray: A Different Scent on Promotions

Flame body sprayThis has to be one of the most interesting guerrilla marketing campaigns ever seen. Burger King released a new body spray fragrance. Yes, body spray. What does it smell like? Well, the company claims that their burger is America’s favorite burger. So, Flame “captures the essence of that love and gives… the scent of seduction, with a hint of flame-broiled meat.”

I don’t know if anybody loves the hamburger enough to want to smell like it, but apparently it worked. The fragrance is sold out. It is on back order until the end of January. If you can’t wait you can buy it on eBay for up to $76.

This is a great example of an attention grabber but if meat is not your flavor here are some other fresh scent advertisers. Promotional Aromatherapy Gifts offer relaxation. Custom Scented Candles fill a room with refreshing fragrance. Custom Bath Salts, Potpourri, Diffusers provide a fresh, clean and relaxing feeling.