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Promotional Koozies Stand Out

Can Koozie, Custom Imprinted Koozies
To create a presence at the 2008 Austin City Limits music festival a local favorite, Shiner Beer, had a clever marketing solution. Heineken was the official sponsor; other businesses were not allowed to advertise inside the event.

So, outside the festival entrance, Shiner handed out custom promotional can koozies that looked exactly like a can of Shiner Bock. Festival goers looked like they were drinking Shiner instead of Heineken. Brand loyal locals enjoyed snubbing the corporate sponsor. Others simply kept their beer cold while creating a presence for the company. The yellow promotional koozie spread through the event like a plague covering one Heineken at a time.

Shiner was able to make a strong impression at a very low promo cost with simple can coolers.

Source: Ads of the World

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