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Custom Towels Show Team Spirit and Support a Cause

Imprinted Beach TowelThis customized towel has become the unofficial flag for the Steelers. It had originally been created by the late Steelers’ broadcaster Myron Cope as a marketing scheme to engage fans. An effective promotion, the promotional towels are proudly waved by fans across the country and imitated by other sports teams. The custom beach towel has turned “stadiums into pulsating seas of yellow.” It has become a symbol of the heart and sole of Pittsburgh. The Terrible Towel created a connection amongst fans all over the US. Maybe the influence this towel has created is the reason why they’ve won so many Super Bowls.

The Terrible Towel and related promotional items have also generated a large sum of money as a fundraiser for Allegheny Valley School, a facility for the mentally retarded. The trademark was given to the school in 1996 by Cope whose autistic son had lived there for 20 years.


One Response to “Custom Towels Show Team Spirit and Support a Cause”

  1. Molette said:

    Jul 17, 10 at 4:51 pm

    I agree with the folks who say any gift is a good gift if it comes from the heart