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Bring On Success 2009 – Business Ideas and Tips

Successful Promotional GiftsWe all know the realities of today’s economy; it is going to be a challenging year. So, here is some expert marketing and business advice for a successful 2009.

Be Positive. Focus more on the positive and less on the negative by tuning out the news. Bad news brings you down mentally and emotionally.

Renegotiate. Take advantage of the tough times. Try to renegotiate cell phone plans, rent and other overhead cost. You will be surprised to see how willing people are to work with you and how much you can save.

Motivate. Create customer appreciation programs. Corporate gifts say thank you for their business. Advertising incentives, like free executive gifts with purchase, give people reason to buy. Desktop and office promotional products, custom key chains and key tags, promotion mugs and drinkware are all great giveaways that your clients will remember and appreciate receiving. You can also give them to your employees who may need encouragement during these rough times.

Eliminate. “Now is a time to focus on profitability – and eliminating under performing functions at your company is one way to help the bottom line.”

Propagate. Evaluate what worked in 2008 then focus on pushing and improving those devices in 2009.

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Source: Counselor, Jan 09