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Pepsi Re-Branding

Corporate Brand Identity - Pepsi New LogoAn extensive pdf leaked the Internet, which describes the methodology of Pepsi’s new logo. The white band in the middle of the classic logo is transformed into a different smile depending on the product, a laugh for Pepsi Max and a grin for Diet Pepsi.

The document compares the product to the Mona Lisa and the solar system. Somehow there is a gravitational pull that shifts the expression. Quite bizarre as it may sound, Pepsi bought right into it and is spending a fortune on the re-branding project. The scientific explanation is completely unnecessary but it may be a hoax to sell the concept or get attention.

The new “multiple emotions” of the logo is a great idea but will people be able to differentiate them?

Re-branding your logo is a great way to give your company a fresh new look. (And you don’t have to spend a fortune.) It is a good way to keep up with the changes of your target market and get noticed. Also, increase your market share by attracting to different demographics. Customized promotional products work to show off your new identity.

However, it is important to maintain some of the previous characteristics of your old logo so that it is still familiar. If you desire a drastic change it is best to make gradual changes until you accomplish the desired identity. Pepsi is a perfect example of how a company’s brand progresses over several years.

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