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Celebrate Earth Day – Act. Save. Educate.

Earth Day Promotions
Celebrate Earth Day April 22nd. It is important for our future. Support a clean Earth. Influence others with your brand on Earth-Friendly Products.

It is imperative to raise awareness on Earth Day and everyday. Global warming has begun to reveal its identity. The Earth has started showing us many signs of climate and weather change. It is evident with the extreme weather, melting of the polar ice caps, and an increase in temperatures that we have experienced in recent years.

Save the Earth. Take action by increasing awareness with eco-friendly promotional items. Energy saving products like the … Continue Reading

Remember National Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Day Gifts
Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up during the first week in May. This year teacher appreciation week is May 3rd through May 8th. Celebrate our educators and spread the word about this special event. Show teachers you are thankful for their dedication to today’s kids.

Looking for ways to celebrate? Why not organize an academic event with entertainment by students. Hold a teacher’s award ceremony; give customized awards in the achiever certificate holder. Throw a party; teachers and children can celebrate with fun stuff and games. Also, students and administration can organize a class trip and … Continue Reading

Slam Dunk Promotions for March Madness

Basketball Promotional Products
Basketball promotional items for students and fans. Shoot nothing but net with great basketball products; your logo can’t be missed.

Basketball is one of the most popular and widely viewed sports in the world. Show your support and raise funds for a local team during postseason playoffs. Take advantage of the excitement basketball creates during the NCAA’s March Madness events in local sports bars and restaurants.

Increase team spirit and display your message on a Basketball Car Magnet, a perfect outdoor promotion. Drive around with team pride or bounce around the New Inflatable Basketball through the game … Continue Reading

Brand Trend – Smiling Logos

Kraft Foods has uncovered a new corporate and brand identity along with an entirely new logo. Their new logo smiles at you to remind you of the experiences created by their products. Similar to the new pepsi logo, a company who has recently recreated their brand as well.

Knowing your company identity and developing your brand is important to grow your business. Kraft Foods’ recent identity revamp is a good example of how and why it is a good idea to analyze and increase brand awareness. Why? Below was taken from their press release:
“Pairing our new … Continue Reading

New LED Flashlight – uncompromising performance

Promotional LED Flashlight“A powerful source of handheld light to illuminate any situation”.

Garrett Specialties now carries INOVA XO3® LED Flashlight . It is unbelievable and well worth the price. It is definitely a handy tool and would make a great promotional business gift. It provides superior performance for field technicians and engineers or makes a perfect executive gift.

To make a really sharp impression we laser engraved your logo or message on the barrel.

The INOVA® XO3® is the choice of the world’s most elite covert operations teams. Precision engineered for protection against the elements and extreme use, it offers … Continue Reading

Can direct mail compete with digital marketing media?

Promotional MailersYes. Promotional mailers have significant advantages over digital marketing.

Return on investment from promotional mail is quantifiable, a major factor out weighting the low cost of digital communications marketing. Also, based on household demographic information, promotional mail can be easily targeted to a specific audience.

Targeted mail is personal and encourages interaction. This is where business can integrate the use of digital marketing and attract consumers to the web. Included web addresses, email information, online survey’s, or promotion codes are some of the many tactics used in direct mail to connect customers to businesses online.

Also, … Continue Reading

Promotional Stuffed Animals Proven to Relieve Stress!

Promotional Stuffed Animal
Promotional stuffed animals while increasing brand awareness are proven to relieve stress.

Israeli researchers conducted a study involving children who experienced traumatic stress during war times. Results were published in Pediatrics, January 2008. Small children were given stuffed animals with long legs. They were told that the stuffed toys were sad because they had no one to care for them. The kids cuddled with the stuffed animals and cared for them by wrapping its long legs around their bodies.

After three weeks the children who had grown an attachment to their stuffed critters had decreased or … Continue Reading