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Can direct mail compete with digital marketing media?

Promotional MailersYes. Promotional mailers have significant advantages over digital marketing.

Return on investment from promotional mail is quantifiable, a major factor out weighting the low cost of digital communications marketing. Also, based on household demographic information, promotional mail can be easily targeted to a specific audience.

Targeted mail is personal and encourages interaction. This is where business can integrate the use of digital marketing and attract consumers to the web. Included web addresses, email information, online survey’s, or promotion codes are some of the many tactics used in direct mail to connect customers to businesses online.

Also, there is a physical connection with direct mail. Receivers “thumb” through their daily mail and a moment’s attention given to a promotional mailer is almost guaranteed.

Direct-mail promotion, promotional mailers are responsible smart marketing choices. Garrett Specialties provides a selection creative promotion for the mail such as thin mailers, informational mailers, magnets and unique promo mailers.