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Boomerangs for Social Awareness

These printed boomerangs are examples from a print advertising campaign launched by Greenpeace. Created by the same ad company that created the whimsical typography in a Nike advertisement we talked about in a previous post, DDB Paris, France.

Each has a different statement like “I could take the subway to work but my car is so much more comfortable.” or “I prefer to leave my computer on standby mode. Turning it on and off is too bad for it.” “Genetically modified foods are great. We can eat any kind of fruit all year long.” and “The environment is OK. The government takes care of it”.

The use of a boomerang is a metaphor to the circumstances that will arise if people continue to avoid global warming issues; they’ll come back cause harmful effects.

You can use a promotional boomerang to make a strong statement like the one above to say, “What goes around, comes around”. Or for a more playful message, “Return to us for great service”, “Come back to our booth”, “We want you back”, “Back by popular demand”, and “Keep coming back”.