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Direct Mail Marketing Wedding Crashers

Direct Mail Marketing Crashes Weddings
Wedding Direct is a program that was launched by Israel’s Ha’Poalim Mortgage Bank and WPP’s MediaCom. They sent wedding crashers to hundreds of weddings to give out a personal gift. These gifts didn’t contain what a bride and groom would normally receive such as checks and cash. Instead it was an Ikea gift voucher, and an invitation to meet and discuss the bank’s new special mortgage package for newlyweds.

I’m sure every envelope was opened since newly weds are eager to receive gifts. However it was a risky effort and may be seen as offensive. This was quite an unconventional promotional mail system.

What do you think? Come up with your own with custom promotional mailers.

Source: Advertising Age, “Wedding Crashers: Is that a Mortgage Company by the Gift Table?”, Michael Bush, June 12, 2009.