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Customizable USB People

USB People Flash Drive
They are like the Build-a-Bears of the computer world. You start out with a standard USB person flash drive then you can customize it any way you’d like. Have you ever built a Wii person? It works just like that! Choose your USB people’s hair, eyes, lips, nose, mouth, clothing, and shoes. Then maximize its personality by adding your logo to it.

If you are interested in personalizing USB People thumb drives from scratch contact us at Use the subject line: USB People.

We are currently optimizing our website so that users can build USB People directly on our site. In the mean time, check out some of our stock USB People Flash Drives.
Don’t forget USB Robots too!

They are great conversation starters especially if you model a specific person. They’ll create an infinite amount of attention on desktops and around the office. USB drives are essential computer related and desk/office promotional products.