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Promotions That Make You Smile

Friendly Face Stress Ball
Always, always have a positive attitude, even when times are down. When you smile your upbeat attitude rubs off on others. Those who are committed to their business focus on moving forward and succeed.

Influence others with promotions that smile. These items are fun and refreshing. They relieve stress and motivate. Inspire your employees and clients to think positive. Show them that you are not allowing negative thinking bring you down. Keeping a positive upbeat spirit attracts and maintains relationships.

Save $25 on all Calendar Promotions!

Imprinted Calendar Sale Discounted
Get your logo noticed day in and day out with Promotional Calendars. Now on Special! Save $25 off each order of $250 on all calendar products. Just use coupon code CL25D0809 at checkout to save! Offer good until 8/31/09, may not combined offers.

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Whether you are looking for wall calendars, desk calendars, or business calendars, trust Garrett Specialties to provide you with 365 Day Visibility with Custom Imprinted Calendars & Planners. A promotional calendar serves as a point of reference viewed countless times a day. … Continue Reading

Asking for Business Referrals: Spread the word with Goofy Pens!

Promotional Goofy Fun PensIt can be a little difficult and uncomfortable to ask your existing clients to provide referrals. But if they are satisfied customers, they should be proud and willing to suggest your services to others. When you provide good business people become excited to spread the word.

I suggest asking your most favorable clients what they like about you. Then use the information to your advantage. Learn what works and improve on it.

Reward those who are repeat customers and who are willing to provide referrals with promotional gifts.

Promotional pens are inexpensive gifts that spread fast. … Continue Reading

Extravagant Gifts Or An Integral Part of Business Marketing?

BIC Graphic USA Promotional ProductsGarrett Specialties is a proud distributor of BIC promotional products as well as many other advertising items and brand names. Promotional products are valuable cost effective marketing tools, not extravagant gifts or bribes. They represent items of remembrance, awards, recognition and appreciation. The advertising specialties industry is in the business of helping other businesses grow.

BIC Graphic USA invited Florida’s Governor to their facilities in order to express the importance of the marketing items industry. Please read the following press release.
Florida Governor, Charlie Crist, Visits BIC Graphic USA

Clearwater, FL – 20-JUL-2009 – On … Continue Reading

New Fully Insulated Grocery Bag!

Fully Insulated Grocery Bag, Promotional Shopping Reusable Tote BagsThe new fully Insulated Grocery Bag is made to carry hot or cold/frozen foods. What I love about these bags is that they carry more than your average plastic shopping bag. To top it off, this one is insulated. So, I feel free to run my errands even if I have to leave my groceries in the car. I know that my ice cream won’t melt. It is great for when I pick-up take out after work too; my dinner will stay warm until I bring it … Continue Reading

Give Me Something to Remember (Outdoor Event Promotions)

Outdoor Fun Events Promotional Gifts to Remember
While entering the municipal parking lot a group of energetic young people approached my car. In hand they had a bunch of goody bags filled with free stuff for my friends and me. “Awesome!” I thought. We were on our way for some fun in the sun and an outdoor concert.

It was a plain white plastic bag with some free samples of candy and juice. That was cool, but the only thing it was lacking was something to remember. I drank the juice, ate the candy and tossed the bag. I … Continue Reading

Dress Things Up! (water bottle & “hoodie”)

Hooded Sweatshirt Sports Water Bottles
When we were little kids, my sister and I used to catch frogs and then dress them up in “clothes” we fashioned out of tissues. I know…it borders on animal cruelty, but we were only trying to make them fabulous. The Sweatshirt Water Bottle dresses things up in a non-traumatizing way; specifically, with a “hoodie” for your water bottle. It is a BPA-free, biodegradable water bottle covered with a hooded sweatshirt. Plus, there’s a front pocket on it to hold things, such as your tickets to the big college game. It’s … Continue Reading

A Haven for Extreme Athletes (Bath and Spa Promotions)

Bath and Spa Promotion ProductsIt was hard work at the Winter X Games 13 competing against the world’s best in snowboarding and other exhilarating (yet exhausting) activities. Recognizing this, Coca-Cola’s line of Fuze juices and teas created the “Fuze Haven” at Aspen, CO. During the competition, athletes and members of the press were invited to stop by for a relaxing escape. Hosted by female champion snowboarder Torah Bright, the haven offered rejuvenating activities like morning yoga, massages, manicures and other spa services.

Fuze vitamin- and mineral-enhanced products were handed out, as were Fuze-branded water bottles, blankets and … Continue Reading

Eww! Is that Someone’s Dirty Mug? (imprinted mugs)

Dirty Mug & Someone's Cup Imprinted DrinkwarePersonally, I’ve never experienced this, but it must be an issue for some people. Has anyone ever taken your mug or cup right off your desk?

Urban Outfitters carries a “dirty mug”. This imprinted mug only appears to be soiled and lipstick stained. And that glass, it must be someone’s cup. No one will want to drink from your glass or mug again. Actually, you might not want to drink from it either. It could take some getting used to. At least you’ll always know which cup is yours.

Check out a variety … Continue Reading

Chia Obama – Hail to the CH- CH- CH- CHIEF

Chia ObamaGarrett Specialties has been in the promotional products business for years. We’ve seen a handful of unique products such as the Porta-Potty Stress Reliever stress ball; which offers relief in so many ways!

Crazy and unusual products easily gain a large amount of attention. So it must be why the makers of the Chia Pet have come up with the Chia Obama. Yes that’s President Barack Obama as a Chia Pet. Watch his hair grow! It’s real, seriously.

It’s already a top seller and “could be the biggest I have ever had,” Pedott said, Chia Pets Founder.

Check out … Continue Reading