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Dress Things Up! (water bottle & “hoodie”)

Hooded Sweatshirt Sports Water Bottles
When we were little kids, my sister and I used to catch frogs and then dress them up in “clothes” we fashioned out of tissues. I know…it borders on animal cruelty, but we were only trying to make them fabulous. The Sweatshirt Water Bottle dresses things up in a non-traumatizing way; specifically, with a “hoodie” for your water bottle. It is a BPA-free, biodegradable water bottle covered with a hooded sweatshirt. Plus, there’s a front pocket on it to hold things, such as your tickets to the big college game. It’s perfect for any school market, fitness program, sport events or fun.

One Response to “Dress Things Up! (water bottle & “hoodie”)

  1. liz said:

    Jul 16, 09 at 9:06 am

    This is a cute product, but what’s the point of the sweatshirt? To keep the bottle cold? Either way it seems like it would be a great promotion for colleges.