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Give Me Something to Remember (Outdoor Event Promotions)

Outdoor Fun Events Promotional Gifts to Remember
While entering the municipal parking lot a group of energetic young people approached my car. In hand they had a bunch of goody bags filled with free stuff for my friends and me. “Awesome!” I thought. We were on our way for some fun in the sun and an outdoor concert.

It was a plain white plastic bag with some free samples of candy and juice. That was cool, but the only thing it was lacking was something to remember. I drank the juice, ate the candy and tossed the bag. I have nothing left to remember the products by.

The promotion could have been more effective if it included promotional products such as a key chain bottle opener or a fun inflatable beach ball. Something I could have used while at the event would have been great. Like the Shiner Bock can koozies at the 2008 Austin City Music Festival.

People are more likely to do business with those they have received promo gifts. They provide a more favorable impression and increase brand awareness.

One Response to “Give Me Something to Remember (Outdoor Event Promotions)”

  1. liz said:

    Jul 21, 09 at 11:47 am

    Even if they had just given you a reusable bag, you would have been more likely to keep it and keep up your relationship with that brand! These days you can get some great reusable totes for not much more than plastic bags– they missed out on a great opportunity by trying to save a few cents!