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Asking for Business Referrals: Spread the word with Goofy Pens!

Promotional Goofy Fun PensIt can be a little difficult and uncomfortable to ask your existing clients to provide referrals. But if they are satisfied customers, they should be proud and willing to suggest your services to others. When you provide good business people become excited to spread the word.

I suggest asking your most favorable clients what they like about you. Then use the information to your advantage. Learn what works and improve on it.

Reward those who are repeat customers and who are willing to provide referrals with promotional gifts.

Promotional pens are inexpensive gifts that spread fast. A few of my favorites are the goofy pens because they add personality to your advertisement. It’s a good idea to give extras so that they are passed on. Effectively promoting your brand and making your information available to new and prospective clients through referrals.

One Response to “Asking for Business Referrals: Spread the word with Goofy Pens!”

  1. Jayne said:

    Jul 29, 09 at 4:43 pm

    What a fun and interesting, not to mention unforgettable way to promote!