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Kid Rock, Jim Beam Offer Promos All Summer Long

Successful Summer Promotions - Kid Rock and Red Stage
When Kid Rock hit the tour circuit with Lynyrd Skynyrd this summer, he brought along Red Stag by Jim Beam bourbon and plenty of promotional products to support it. The Detroit rocker inked a deal to be the face of the new cherry-infused bourbon during his 25-city “Rock ’N’ Rebels” tour.

The partnership includes heavy brand integration, ranging from Rock weaving Jim Beam into the lyrics of his hit song All Summer Long to playing a Jim Beam/Red Stag branded guitar. The bourbon was hard to miss at … Continue Reading

Talking Bananas: Cell Phone Holders

Banana Cell Phone Holder - by CellfoamI stumbled upon this banana cell phone holder by Cellfoam and just had to share it. Ever wanted a talking banana to handle your monkey business? If I ever spotted someone walking down the street talking through a banana it would sure catch my attention.

Check out this banana peel of a promotion to, it’s pretty clever. Hotel Promotion goes Green Bananas.

Give Something, Get Something.

Earth Friendly Recycled Notebook and Matching Paper Pen

Give Something, Get Something. Make it easier for your customers to do what you ask by telling them what you will do for them if they accept your solution. For example ask, “How can I make this decision easier for you?” or “What would make this offer more attractive for you?”
You don’t want to offer a discount; in all likelihood, a lower price is probably not a primary need.
Show added values and make your offers more attractive. Give them something immediately, and you increase your chances of getting … Continue Reading

Must haves for back-to-school: School Giveaway Ideas

School Promotional Custom Giveaway Ideas
Must haves for back-to-school. Get your name out while they are getting ready to head back. Or for those who have already started, it’s not too late to encourage some school spirit.

Pens: Gain a pen, loose a pen, share a pen, and pass a pen. Pens tend to travel and can be one of the most cost effective promotional products.

Imprinted Hand Sanitizers: After you’re done sharing your pens nothing is better than washing your hands but when water and soap is not available kill germs with handy antibacterial promotions.

School Spirit: Create excitement with … Continue Reading

Packland: Land’s End Virtual Fantasy Land for Kid’s (Back-to-School Promotions)

Back to School Advertising Ideas to Icrease Web Traffic and SalesLand’s End launched a virtual fantasy land for kids. Kids getting ready to go back to school are invited to create their very own virtual backpack at They can choose from different themes and colors.

The company has successfully created a way to increase back to school web traffic. And as an additional incentive they are giving away free “pack pals” for every backpack purchase; carabineer clips in a variety of shapes the embellish their new knapsacks.

Offering a free gift with purchase is always a good solution to … Continue Reading

Generosity in a Billboard

Aircel Billboard Outdoor Promotions - Corporate Generosity
They called it the Aircel boat. Aircel, a mobile operator in India placed an actual dinghy lifeboat to a downtown billboard. Like the branded hats and scarves billboard this one had something to giveaway but this one was more of a life saving gift.

A rope with a sign reading, “In case of emergency, cut rope”, held up the branded raft. July 15, 2009 the monsoon arrived and so did Aircel customer service. The dinghy was cut down and pedestrians were safely transported. What Aircel calls “Corporate Social Responsibility – A Solution”.

The … Continue Reading

Billboard Giveaways

Promotional Give Aways, Free Stuff on Billboards
Austrian company Northland Professional implemented a billboard campaign where they offered free merchandise. They attached 20 samples of their scarves, caps, and gloves to 50 billboards.

Those passing by went to great lengths to get their hands on a free product. The lucky recipients then spread the word by telling others how they could get their own. They had produced a great way to gain attention by creating a unique way to for consumers to try their products.

Promotional giveaways always create hype whether attached to a billboard or straight from … Continue Reading

Big Spills Draw a Crowd

Bounty Big Spills On the streets of New York and Los Angles, Bounty successfully demonstrated how well their product works for consumers. The ad above reads:

“What better way to demonstrate the superior absorbency of Bounty paper towels than with some big spills. And they are talking about some seriously big spills. On Seventh Avenue in New York, busy commuters are greeted by a six foot tall coffee cup knocked over and spilling onto the sidewalk – complete with steam and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. And in Los Angeles, weekend shoppers find a … Continue Reading

Garrett Specialties Expected to Launch New Streamlined Site Design!

New Promotion Items Website Design: https://www.garrettspecialties.comGarrett Specialties, a promotional products company is at it again. They will soon launch their newly designed website. The site is expected to be released middle to late August. Each design is three times better than the last. They are dedicated to making your promotional product shopping experience as smooth and effortless as possible. This new design is promised to provide a streamlined user experience.

Garrett Specialties has the lowest cost on promotional products, a high rate of repeat business with fortune 500 companies and small businesses and no overrun charges or incidental fees. … Continue Reading