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UPS Direct to Door Pak: Branding Concepts

UPS Direct To Door Pak New Branding ConceptUPS has recently launched a promotional sampling program in a few select cities: Chicago, Dallas, Miami, and Washington. The promotion is being tested in select zip codes.

A custom designed UPS Direct to Door Pak will be sent in addition to normal deliveries. It’s like getting an unexpected gift with your delivery, a great way to reach an already active customer.

Focus group results showed that people are too overwhelmed by direct mail to notice them. This method of direct delivery created a more personal experience. Receivers were more excited and comfortable about receive the sample packages.

The key attributes that will make this branding method successful is the custom designed package and direct personal approach. Also… “With a UPS Direct-to-Door delivery, we’re reaching an active consumer, an important factor for increased response rates.”
If you have the opportunity try delivering your promotional offers and business gifts personally.

Read the UPS press release here.