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Impressionable Holiday Gift Ideas at Super Low Prices

Marketing Gifts for the Holidays at Low Prices
Looking for something unique? Something inexpensive yet impressionable? I’ve compiled a collection of some of my favorite promotion products for those who are following a budget. Or if you’re like me, you simply love a deal.

Color Band Executive Portfolio. An item that is great for any industry, especially engineers, accountants, sales, and education. A classic business folder with matching pen and calculator that’s definitely worth holding on to.

The Herb Garden is a wonderful clean and eco-friendly gift that can be enjoyed on a desktop or windowsill. Grow fresh herbs and add a breath of fresh air into the room. Add mint leaves to a cup of tea or basil into a cup of soup for lunch. It’s an office plant that will brighten the room with its beauty and keep your brand name in view.

The Puzzle Cube is an executive desktop toy that is a perfect festive gift for 2009. The price has drastically reduced to as low as $8.27 from over $30. Express a high-class style with your laser engraved logo on the base. It’s a magnetic silver polished puzzle cube, which creates an illusion that tickles the brain. Your clients won’t be able to keep their hands or eyes off it.

The 16oz Starsky Polycarb Bottle has a pop open lid and carabineer clip. A perfect gift for any industry. Clients and employees can use them as they follow their New Year resolution and fitness routine. There are several translucent colors available to match your brand. Convenient for travel on the road or just around the office.