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Boost up your promotions in 2010!

Digital Scale
Jump-start the intensity of your promotions! Improving relationships with clients is no sweat in 2010. Think about what’s on their mind and find brain-stimulating promotions for your advertising campaign.

Now that it’s a new year, they are setting goals for a better 2010. 45% of Americans make new resolutions every New Year. Among the top are weight loss, fitness, health, and money management.

Use Healthcare/Fitness products to get their butts into gear. Help boost business with Industry Related items. Useful giveaways increase ROI. Studies have shown that people who receive promotional items and incentive … Continue Reading

Get your Blox in order for 2010!

Motivation Blox

Get your New Year resolutions in order and motivate everyone around your business. Make sure they don’t lose focus with this creative cube stress ball and inspirational paper weight. Each side has a motivational word: innovation, teamwork, leadership, integrity, and excellence. The sixth side is reserved for your custom imprint. A great promotional gift for HR programs and executive gifts.

Need a motivational reminder for clients and employees? Keep them inspired with this stylish … Continue Reading

Don’t Let Old Man Winter Freeze Your Promotions!

Promotional Ice Scrapers and Snow Brushes
A major portion of the US has already gotten slammed with winter weather this week. And old man winter has only begun to show his face. Some of us will enjoy the glistening white landscapes this holiday season. Others dread the work and energy involved while clearing snow and ice.

Take advantage of old man winter with your next promotion. Most ice scrapers provide a large and clear imprint area. Display your logo proudly on a useful snow brush. With each snow fall comes a new opportunity for that snow … Continue Reading

Looking forward to 2010 – Setting Goals

Employee Incentive Gifts - New Year Goals for Success
The New Year gives me the feeling of a new beginning or a clean slate.
What is your business plan for the New Year? What goals will you be focusing on?

I mean you do have goals right? If not, you should. Those who set goals are more successful. They keep you organized, determined and focused.

Here are a few ideas on how to stay on top of accomplishing your goal.

Be real. The things we want don’t always come easy that’s part of the reason why we want them. Set challenging goals … Continue Reading

Note Cube Promotes a Solution for Thinning Hair

Custom Desktop Note Cube Promotes Solution for Hair Loss
Is your hair getting thinner? These cubed memo notepads remind clients of how gradual hair loss can be easily neglected. Each torn sheet illustrates how hair becomes thinner and thinner. Pantogar hair revitalizer and JWT Hong Kong cleverly used the custom note cubes to increase brand awareness. Potential customers are reminded to address the problem before it’s too late.

Use imprinted sticky notes and memo cubes to create an unforgettable message!

Promoting Your Site Offline

Offline Marketing Promotional Products Koozie Laptop Carrier and Sitting Dusty Computer Duster

There are many ways to promote your site online but it becomes more challenging while more and more websites go up each day. So try targeting your audience offline with promotional giveaways. Generate unique web traffic by marketing in ways that your competitors are not. Gain advantage by intriguing your customers with a different medium. The exposure you receive by promoting offline with promotional products will out weight it’s … Continue Reading

Gift Giving At The Office

Holiday Giving at the Office Promotioanl Tips
Gift giving at the office can be challenging. You may not be sure which holidays your colleagues celebrate. And how do you determine to whom to give to? Should you feel pressured to give a gift to those you receive from? What if you don’t have one in return?

Here are some holiday gift giving tips from PPAI’s Promotional Consultant Today.

If you are exchanging gifts in the office with all but a few, avoid exchanging them at the office. Instead, meet after work, and do not talk about your gifts … Continue Reading