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Gift Giving At The Office

Holiday Giving at the Office Promotioanl Tips
Gift giving at the office can be challenging. You may not be sure which holidays your colleagues celebrate. And how do you determine to whom to give to? Should you feel pressured to give a gift to those you receive from? What if you don’t have one in return?

Here are some holiday gift giving tips from PPAI’s Promotional Consultant Today.

  1. If you are exchanging gifts in the office with all but a few, avoid exchanging them at the office. Instead, meet after work, and do not talk about your gifts the next day in the office.
  2. Do you give your boss a gift? Not necessarily. It becomes a contest of who gave what and how much did they spend. The boss can give gifts to the employees, but not necessary to reciprocate. A nice card showing your appreciation is always welcome or giving something homemade, such as cookies or artwork. Another nice gesture is getting your co-workers together on a gift. Pitch in with other employees for an executive gift like the Mahogany Tea Chest.
  3. Be respective of traditions and religious believes. It does not mean you have to exclude people from holiday parties and gift giving, but give them the option to participate. Office festivities and holiday cards should state “Happy Holidays,” “Holiday Greetings,” or “The Best for the Season.” The House Kisscut Frame Magnet is a great way to show appreciation to employees and clients.
  4. Always personalize your holiday cards. If your company name is embossed or printed at the bottom of the card, a signed name or names still apply. If possible, handwrite the address instead of using labels and use holiday stamps, instead of the meter.
  5. Have a few gifts in reserve. A gift certificate to the local bookstore can come in handy; a few candles in gift bags can save you an embarrassing moment. If you receive a gift with nothing to give in return, do not apologize for not having a gift; just be extremely appreciative and follow up with a nice thank-you note. Have a stash of customized industry related products that you can use for holiday emergencies or year-round.