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Looking forward to 2010 – Setting Goals

Employee Incentive Gifts - New Year Goals for Success
The New Year gives me the feeling of a new beginning or a clean slate.
What is your business plan for the New Year? What goals will you be focusing on?

I mean you do have goals right? If not, you should. Those who set goals are more successful. They keep you organized, determined and focused.

Here are a few ideas on how to stay on top of accomplishing your goal.

Be real. The things we want don’t always come easy that’s part of the reason why we want them. Set challenging goals for you and your employees but at the same time be realistic about your desires.

Take notes. Write it down. If you can’t see it or remember it, it won’t get done. The Auto Projecting Memo Pad is a pretty unique desk-top item. Once you pick up the pen, the memo dispenser will project a 3″x 4″ sheet of paper automatically, enabling you to jot down everything in a blink. Makes a great new year’s gift for employees.

Review and reward. Involve your employees in the reviewing process. They may provide valuable insight. Create incentives. We’re all a little more motivated when we know when a prize is involved. Extra vacation days and a customized gym bag like the 4 in 1 Bag Set make a great incentive. But besides giving something away, make sure you and your employees know the value of accomplishing these goals.

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