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List Caddy

List CaddyThe list caddy is an awesome new promotional item. It’s quite an interesting little invention at first glance. But once you see it put to task, it all comes together. So what is it? Simply it is a grocery list and pencil carrier that attaches to your cart!

The list caddy keeps you organized while you shop. This little grocery cart list holder neatly displays your shopping list, coupons, and recipes in direct view. It is available in bright colors that will attract the attention of other shoppers. Everyone will want one. Your screen printed … Continue Reading

Bubble Warpped Street

Bubble Wrapped Street - Auto Safety Awareness
To promote auto safety awareness an entire residential street was bubble wrapped, including cars, bikes, trees, houses, and buildings. Somerville Rd in Worcester, phentermine 37.5 mg England has the highest number of insurance claims since recent severe weather on January 27, 2010. The bubble wrap represents the importance of careful driving.

I wouldn’t say this is a very eco-friendly approach but it does get the point across. It looks very intriguing, especially to walk through or rather drive through.

Bottom Line: Over 25% of all drivers were involved in an auto accident … Continue Reading

Grab a Chair! “Real Good” Marketing Experiment.

We’ve seen something like this before. Reminds me of the Free Goodie Bag Scavenger Hunt. A New York designer planted couture handbags all over the city for anyone to find and keep. Handbag hunters could find location clues posted on Twitter.

Giveaways can be used with creative ideas like these to gain exposure and brand awareness.

In this case a furniture company, Blu Dot, placed sleek metal chairs around New York City. The campaign was based on the … Continue Reading

Go Green and Get Ahead!

Going Green to Get Ahead Levi's Eco JeansImpress your clients by showing them you are Going Green. Give your promotions a boost by conveying interest in the environment. At the same time increase awareness. Use your business as an example to encourage other businesses and your clients to make the right eco-friendly decisions.

Green Products increase eco awareness, promote your brand, and are useful fun promotional gifts! Earth Friendly giveaways support eco initiatives. They are either made from post-consumer recycled material, biodegradable products, and organic materials. They cater to your brand while decreasing harmful effects on the … Continue Reading

Garrett Specialties Officially Joins Facebook!

Garrett Specialties on FacebookWe are excited to have finally entered the social networking world. We hope you accept us with open arms. This will be a great way for us to connect with you, our clients, and keep you on top of promotional ideas, news and product specials.

Visit us at See you there!

Oh.. we’re on twitter too!

Will Ferrell’s Sunscreen Is Nothing to Laugh At

Will Ferrell's Sunscreen Cancer Awareness PromotionProducts raise education funds for cancer survivors.

We know him as George W. Bush, newscaster Ron Burgundy and a deranged elf. Now, we also know comedian Will Ferrell as a swimsuit model. The prolific Saturday Night Live alumnus is featured on bottles of Hot Sexy Tan, Sun Stroke and Forbidden Fruit SPF 30 sunscreens. The line was created by the nonprofit organization Cancer for College.

Ferrell’s foray into branded merchandise came about because of his friendship with Craig Pollard. Pollard, a fraternity brother of Ferrell’s at the University of Southern California, is a two-time … Continue Reading

Toy Soldiers Mailer Raises Awareness

Unicef Toy Soldiers Mailer To Raise Awareness for Children in Combat
Unicef created this unique toy soldier mailer to raise awareness for children used in combat. Their goal is to gain support for its program that aims to remove children from war and bring them back to the joy of childhood.

At first glance you may think that these are typical toy soldiers but with a closer look you’ll see that they are kids doing was kids do! They’re playing, reading, bike riding and smiling.

Non-profit charity promotional items helped to raise awareness for this unique cause. The mailer above … Continue Reading

Tips To Increase Sales and Gain New Leads

Make an impression to get new sales leads with giveaways!So what is the best way to get new business? Word of mouth has proven to be the most effective way. However, most sales people neglect to ask for them. Target clients that are already “sold” on your concept, service or products through referrals.

Make strong impressions on your existing clients so that they have a reason to refer you. Plan to make asking for referrals part of your sales and marketing operation. Then reinforce your brand with a promotional giveaway.

Direct mailers will also increase sales. Targeted mail can … Continue Reading