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Toy Soldiers Mailer Raises Awareness

Unicef Toy Soldiers Mailer To Raise Awareness for Children in Combat
Unicef created this unique toy soldier mailer to raise awareness for children used in combat. Their goal is to gain support for its program that aims to remove children from war and bring them back to the joy of childhood.

At first glance you may think that these are typical toy soldiers but with a closer look you’ll see that they are kids doing was kids do! They’re playing, reading, bike riding and smiling.

Non-profit charity promotional items helped to raise awareness for this unique cause. The mailer above is a great example of how you can choose unique items that gain attention and/or items in awareness colors.

The result of the mailing program was an increase in awareness, many compliments for creativity, and an ongoing reminder of the reality children face in Africa. Africa having the highest rate in child soldiers. The package was sent to existing and potential sponsors.

Source: Ads of the World.