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Grab a Chair! Marketing Experiment.

We’ve seen something like this before. Reminds me of the Free Goodie Bag Scavenger Hunt. A New York designer planted couture handbags all over the city for anyone to find and keep. Handbag hunters could find location clues posted on Twitter.

Giveaways can be used with creative ideas like these to gain exposure and brand awareness.

In this case a furniture company, Blu Dot, placed sleek metal chairs around New York City. The campaign was based on the idea that people love to find good used furniture left out on the sidewalk for someone else to grab. Each chair had a Twitter account and some even had a GPS tracker.

The company was hopeful that they would end up in good homes, homes of potentially new clients. They saw it as an invitation and a chance to play with the curiosity of not knowing where they may end up or how people will react.

Bottom line: Blu Dot gained attention for itself by taking a risk and giving something away.

Source: Business Week, Brand New Day, “Blu Dot’s ‘Real Good’ Marketing Experiment”, Helen Walters 11/3/09