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Will Ferrell’s Sunscreen Is Nothing to Laugh At

Will Ferrell's Sunscreen Cancer Awareness PromotionProducts raise education funds for cancer survivors.

We know him as George W. Bush, newscaster Ron Burgundy and a deranged elf. Now, we also know comedian Will Ferrell as a swimsuit model. The prolific Saturday Night Live alumnus is featured on bottles of Hot Sexy Tan, Sun Stroke and Forbidden Fruit SPF 30 sunscreens. The line was created by the nonprofit organization Cancer for College.

Ferrell’s foray into branded merchandise came about because of his friendship with Craig Pollard. Pollard, a fraternity brother of Ferrell’s at the University of Southern California, is a two-time cancer survivor. He is also a double amputee. Pollard started Cancer for College in 1993 to help cancer survivors pay for their education. The charity provides financial aid for scholarships as high as $16,000, as well as textbooks.

Ferrell has been a supporter of Cancer for College since it began, and has served as the celebrity host of its fundraising events since 2002. However, this is the first time he has appeared half-naked on a bottle of sunscreen on the organization’s behalf.

“Cancer for College is such a pure strategy,” Ferrell said in a statement. “The work that Craig and Cancer for College have done helping kids who have had cancer go to college is so noble. I’m proud to help them any way I can, and if that means adding my face to a line of sunscreen products, I’m all for it.”

Pollard said, “The feedback from everyone has been so positive. Everyone gets the humor behind it. None of this would be possible without our friend Will Ferrell and his generosity.”

Source: Successful Promotions January/February 2010