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List Caddy

List CaddyThe list caddy is an awesome new promotional item. It’s quite an interesting little invention at first glance. But once you see it put to task, it all comes together. So what is it? Simply it is a grocery list and pencil carrier that attaches to your cart!

The list caddy keeps you organized while you shop. This little grocery cart list holder neatly displays your shopping list, coupons, and recipes in direct view. It is available in bright colors that will attract the attention of other shoppers. Everyone will want one. Your screen printed logo displays nicely on the front.

Your brand will be exposed to all types of shoppers at the local supermarket. This patented device clips to the handle of your shopping cart and magnetically sticks to the refrigerator between trips to the store. That way your marketing message is always at work for you.

It’s a great promotion for any industry!