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Rewards + Recognition = Happy Employees

Update your employee recognition and rewards programs regularly to keep employees engaged and excited about work. Use Appreciation Gifts to say thanks! A struggling economy has drastically changed business within the past two years. As a result many employees may feel under appreciated. Before you loose your top performers check out these key pointers courtesy of Successful Promotions magazine to fine-tune your recognition program.

Ask yourself these questions:

Are we rewarding the right behaviors? If your current mission is to fill the company pipeline with new prospects – but employees are being rewarded for cost-cutting measures – it ‘s time to overhaul your incentive program.

Are we engaging new hires right from the start? Put a program in place to recognize stellar new employees with small rewards within their first year. And make sure their managers check in with them regularly. Don’t wait until the annual performance review to uncover issues or express appreciation.

Can peers recognize one another? Managers aren’t the only ones who are able to identify when someone’s doing something good. Let peers recognize each other for good performance and hold periodic events to publicize everyone’s great work.

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