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Stick, Sip, and Switch: Hot Products

Calculator Sticky Caddy, Lil Eco Safe-Sip Water Bottle, Switch Pitch Jr. Ball
Every week you will find a different selection of promotional products on our home page titled Rudee’s Choice. This week we really have some great new and unique items!

Calculator Sticky Caddy. A successful traveling office tool! I love this marketing gift because it’s compact with so many features. It fits right into a laptop bag or purse. This item includes a solar calculator with padded pvc cover for protection and comfort on your finger tips. Inside you’ll find two sticky note pads and an assorted array of sticky page markers. Give it to the sales team to add-up estimates and mark off catalog pages for clients.

Lil Eco Safe-Sip Water Bottle is BPA free! This brightly colored translucent sports bottle keeps them away from those harmful chemicals. It’s safe to reuse over and over again. Made from 30% recycled material. It’s shatter proof and biodegradable too! They should have named it the PERFECT Lil Water Bottle!

Switch Pitch Jr. Ball is one of the most unique toys we’ve ever seen. Toss this two tone ball up into the air and watch the colors magically flip from white on the outside to colored panels on the other! Toss it again and it will revert back to white on the outside! Amazing! Available colors: White/Black, White/Red, White/Blue.

Come back for more of Rudee’s Choice next week!