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Braille Rubik’s Cube: Meet Clients’ Needs with Satisfation Awareness

Promotional Rubik's Cube
This braille cube puzzle adds another dimension to the classic promotional Rubik’s Cube puzzle. Not just for the blind. Like the Mood Dude™ Rubik’s Cube this classic toy is now more interesting and pleases everyone’s needs. The stark white squares and Braille embossed colors: green, blue, red, yellow, white and pink make you see and touch the Rubik’s cube like you never have before.

I’d like to use this product as an example of how to meet your customer’s needs. Give them complete satisfaction through awareness. Pay attention to what they want. Know who … Continue Reading

Go ahead… Go take a nap!

Promotional Comfort Set
March 19th is World Sleep Day, under the slogan “Sleep Well, Stay Healthy”. Sleep Day is an annual event to raise awareness for sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep can cause weight gain, car accidents, and other health issues. Lack of sleep is one of America’s top health problems; one in three American’s have a sleep disorder. Those that get fewer than 6 hours don’t live as long.

It is recommend that we each get seven to eight hours of sleep each night. We all have busy lives and many distractions such as TV, the … Continue Reading

Unique St. Patrick’s Day Ad Campaign

Guinness Shamrock Unique St. Patrick's Day Ad Campaign

We’ve all got a wee bit of Irish in us on St. Patrick’s Day.. don’t we? I love the fact that you don’t have to be Irish to enjoy this holiday. It’s a wonderful celebration of Ireland’s culture that I think everyone gets a little excited about. Celebrated across the world in at least seven countries. Some of us join the St. Patrick’s Day celebration because we are indeed Irish. Others for religious reasons. It’s said that St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity. … Continue Reading

Promotional Flexi-Vase

Flexi-VaseOh spring is so near and after such a bitter winter we could all use some colorful cheer! Check out the new Flexi-Vase! It’s a flower vase that folds flat. It folds completely flat so that you can use it as a promotional mailer. Flexi vase is made from flexible and shatter proof PVC.

Spring up your promotions. Brighten up the office. Here is something different to help your brand bloom. Use this flourishing promotion for these upcoming events:
Nurse Appreciation Week, MS Awareness Month, Mother’s Day, Stress Awareness Month, Clean Air Month, Teacher Appreciation Week, Memorial … Continue Reading

MS Awareness Week

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week (MS)Get moving and spread the word. MS Awareness week starts March 8th and ends March 14th. Join a community walk or bike. Start your own fundraiser. Raise support for those living with MS and increase your brand awareness at the same time. Become a business advocate or create a volunteer program. Extend your MS support and efforts into the month of May during Multiple Sclerosis Month.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease that can disable the central nervous system. The cause is unknown and symptoms vary from numb limbs to paralysis.

The … Continue Reading