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Sex and the City 2 Worthy Giveaways for Her

Many women can see themselves or their girlfriends as one of the characters in
“Sex and the City 2”. The sequel hit movie theaters around the country today. Thousands of women fans have been eagerly awaiting this moment. They will get together with friends and dress in their most fabulous outfits, just to see the movie.

I think women admire the socialites of Sex and the City because they are influential, beautiful, and successful. Also, viewers find themselves relating to one or more of the 4 best friends in some way or another. The characters struggle with the daily issues as all … Continue Reading

Rudee’s Choice: Fantastic Outdoor Promotions!

Rudee’s Choice: Fantastic Outdoor Promotions! On Sale Now!!!

The Moon Chair NOW as low as $12.25 each

Sit back and relax anywhere! These chairs will be gratefully received and well remembered for a long time.

Metropolitan Backpack NOW as low as $3.98 each

A backpack they’ll use frequently places your logo in view at all times!

Pacey Water Bottle 32 oz NOW as low as $2.15 each

A cool and refreshing way to display your logo!

Sale Ends 8/31/10

Don’t Forget To Ask For Referrals

One of the best ways to obtain new business is by asking for referrals. When you provide a great service or product your customers will be happy to refer you. But sometimes you made need to give them a little reminder.

Try using incentives that will help keep your company’s name on the top of their minds. Leave them something to remember you by. Or give them something that they might pass on to friends and colleges. For example, give out promotional pens by the handful. That way they will have enough to share. You can also give a promotional gift … Continue Reading

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. The Skin Cancer Foundation stated: “a recent study confirmed that non-melanoma skin cancer is truly an epidemic in the US, with an estimated 350 percent increase in the number of skin cancers over the past decade and a half.”

I watched as Sam Champion received Moh’s surgery live on Good Morning America to raise awareness. Moh’s surgery is the most effective technique for removing the most common non-melanoma skin cancers.

Too much exposure to the sun and tanning beds can cause serious to fatal effects. You can a difference! Promote Skin Cancer Awareness. Here are some … Continue Reading

More Business with Promo Products!

What are Promotional Products?

Promotion items are gifts given out to new, existing and potential clients. Promo gifts are used by non-profit charities and educational institutions as well. The purpose of these items is to increase brand awareness and to show appreciation. They are very powerful marketing tools.

How do Advertising Gifts Increase Business?

An item such as a promotional pen is like a traveling billboard. Your imprinted logo advertises your brand. It’s gets your name into every hand of every person it comes in contact with. Using unique and fun items create additional value. Fun and special products are easy to remember … Continue Reading