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Let the Sun Shine Inspiration and Sales!

Summer Inspiration to Sales
Summer is the time to relax and have some fun! But that’s no reason to let business go on vacation, make summer slow time profitable time. When your mind is at ease you are more open to inspiration. I get my best ideas while laying in the sun at the beach or driving on a beautiful day.

Let the sun shine in at work.
Engage employees and have a company picnic. This will lift their spirits and inspire them. Feeling positive, happy and motivated will bring out their best work!

Bring sales in on a cool … Continue Reading

Silly Bandz! The Hottest Craze!

Silly Bandz - Rubber Band BraceletsSimple, colorful and fun! Silly Bandz are all the rage! Kids everywhere аrе going wild over Silly Bandz!! Thеѕе colorful Rubber Bands аrе mаԁе οf silicone аnԁ die molded іn many different fun shapes. On уουr wrist, thеу look Ɩіkе regular bracelets. Whеn уου remove thеm, thеу twist back іntο shape. Sets available are: dental, farm animals, dinosaurs, fruit, insects, music, sea animals, transportation, Christmas, Halloween glow in the dark.

Whаt ԁο thеу ԁο wіth thе bracelets? Sοmе kids play a game wіth thеm: If уου guess thе shape correctly, thеn thе owner … Continue Reading

3 Great Giveaways below $1.50 to Promote Your Business!

3 Great Giveaways below $1.50 to Promote Your Business!
1.) Enhanced biodegradable properties. A great Green Promotion for the Summer! Bio Ad Squeeze Bottle, with pop top closure. Made in the USA with biodegradable plastic. Has a 32 oz capacity. BPA free.

Bio/Ad™ products will biodegrade naturally over a period of one to five years in a standard landfill environment. The products will last a lifetime under normal use.

2.) A fantastic giveaway that will turnaround your sales in a zip! Zip N Zoom is the latest indoor boomerang. Zip N Zoom has three blades of fun and easy to … Continue Reading

Summer Promotional Products – On Sale Now!

Summer Promotional Products - On Sale Now!

Summer Promotional Products – On Sale Now!

Collapsible Koozie
A classic summer promotion! Available in a variety of colors! Collapsible Koozie is the most popular koozie. Promotional Collapsible Koozie. Take it with you! The Collapsible Koozie folds so quickly, you can put it in your pocket, purse and more! Ideal for mailings.

Fold Up Flexi Spring Flyer
Fold Up Flexi Spring Flyer will make every promotion soar! Fold Up Flexi Spring Flyer is made of flexible nylon, making high quality flying safe. Great for picnics, school events and mailers. Light weight fabric flyer with a … Continue Reading