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3 Great Giveaways below $1.50 to Promote Your Business!

3 Great Giveaways below $1.50 to Promote Your Business!
1.) Enhanced biodegradable properties. A great Green Promotion for the Summer! Bio Ad Squeeze Bottle, with pop top closure. Made in the USA with biodegradable plastic. Has a 32 oz capacity. BPA free.

Bio/Ad™ products will biodegrade naturally over a period of one to five years in a standard landfill environment. The products will last a lifetime under normal use.

2.) A fantastic giveaway that will turnaround your sales in a zip! Zip N Zoom is the latest indoor boomerang. Zip N Zoom has three blades of fun and easy to use. Toss it in the air and volla it makes a tight circle as it returns to you. It is safe, light, durable and easy to ship. Colors: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow.

3.) Close the sale with these promotional notebooks! Fold ‘N Close Notebook features 70 ruled 5″ x 7″ sheets/book. Poluproplene cover tucks closed Double wire ring binding. Colors: Translucent Black,Translucent Blue,Translucent Grey,Translucent Red

One Response to “3 Great Giveaways below $1.50 to Promote Your Business!”

  1. Diane Mcguire said:

    Jun 08, 10 at 5:30 am

    Wow, its good as green environment day is coming and like to know more of the products like this for promotions.