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3 Immediate Actions to Grow Your Business

Grow your business now with this 3-step action plan!

Action One: Pick up the phone
Reach out to new and old contacts. Making the call is the most important step. Start with your previous customers. Take a few minutes to do some research just before the call. Gather information on how you can best meet their needs. Offer a discount incentive to first time and returning clients. Don’t forget to ask for a referral too!

Action Two: Market with Promotional Products
Promo gifts can generate up to 80% of new business. It’s a fact, logo giveaways standout and create favorable … Continue Reading

Promotions that Grip, Launch, and Shine attention!

Eco Sports bottles, Logo Launcher, Screwdriver LED keychain

Check-out this weeks top three promotions!

Get a good grip on your client’s attention. Choose the Eco Gripper Poly-Clear™ Bottle 30 oz.
It’s shatterproof, recyclable, bio-degradable and made from recycled materials. A sure grip design and flip-top lid make it a great choice for a water bottle promo.

Here is a great item if you are launching a new business or new product! The Logo Launcher is a fun promotional toy that jumps 6 to 8 feet in the air. You won’t be missed at your next event.

Add a colorful shine and … Continue Reading

2011 Promotional Calendar Sale!

2011 Promotional Calendar Sale
All Garrett Specialties’ promotional calendars are on sale now through August 31, 2010.

Receive $25 OFF a purchase of custom calendars and planners worth $500 or more! Simply use promo code: 25CAL.

Custom Imprinted Calendars and Planners provide 365 days of visibility. Calendars are the best promotion for your dollar. No other advertising gift provides such great exposure at such a low price.

Choose from several calendar themes to creatively convey your message. Select a calendar theme that coincides with your business or one that interests your clients.

Calendars and planners come in many varieties … Continue Reading