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3 Immediate Actions to Grow Your Business

Grow your business now with this 3-step action plan!

Action One: Pick up the phone
Reach out to new and old contacts. Making the call is the most important step. Start with your previous customers. Take a few minutes to do some research just before the call. Gather information on how you can best meet their needs. Offer a discount incentive to first time and returning clients. Don’t forget to ask for a referral too!

Action Two: Market with Promotional Products
Promo gifts can generate up to 80% of new business. It’s a fact, logo giveaways standout and create favorable impressions. In comparison to other advertising media, your logo remains visible and memorable for a longer period of time on promotional products.

Creating an effective marketing campaign is simple. First determine your target audience. Second, plan your marketing objective. Third, select the best promotional item to attract them. Make sure that item coordinates with your marketing message. And lastly, get out and get the word out. Organize events with free giveaways, send promotional mail, or schedule sales meetings.

Action Three: Team Up
Take this plan to colleagues and associates. Generating new business is a team effort. Work with vendors and other businesses to make your process more efficient. Motivate employees by setting goals. Hire new staff to assist with new tasks.

Ready. Set. Go! Remember, Garrett Specialties is your promotional product company!