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Ideas That Stick

Post-it Sticky Notes Billboard - Ideas That Stick Campaign
Make your promotions stick with imprinted Note Cubes and Sticky Notes from Garrett Specialties!

Check out this artistic billboard idea I came across:

Celebrating ‘Ideas That Stick,’ Television star Angela Kinsey partners with post-it brand and publicolor to unveil world’s largest Artistic billboard MADE OF post-it Super Sticky Notes.

From August 3-6, Post-it Brand from 3M and not-for-profit organization Publicolor, revealed the winning artwork selected from their national student design contest in a big way – on the world’s largest artistic billboard made of multi-colored Post-it Super Sticky Notes in Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall.

Angela Kinsey, Post-it Note fanatic and star of Emmy-award-winning television series “The Office,” awarded the Post-it Brand 30th Anniversary Student Design Contest winners and revealed the largest billboard of its kind, made with more than 100,000 Post-it Super Sticky Notes.

Via Ads of the World.