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Best Friends: Marketing with Pet Promotions

RudeeOne thing you may share with your clients is the love for pets. They really are man’s best friend. Who else can offer unconditional love. It’s a fact that pet owners are happier and live longer!

That’s why I’ve dedicated this post to Pet Accessories. They offer so many opportunities to connect with your clients. Pet-related promotions can be used by receivers on a daily basis while exposing and strengthening your brand. People love to talk about their pets. It’s a great way to break the ice. Use imprinted pet promos at events, trade shows, and daily giveaways. Also think about all the pet-related events and businesses in your area. They would be great for dog shows, pet shows, pet parades, animal fairs, vets, food suppliers and much more.

The Fold Up Flexi Spring Flyer is a perfect giveaway for both non-pet and pet owners! Unfold it from it’s nylon pouch, throw it in the air, and watch your promotion soar!

Our Dachshund, Rudee, had been a best friend to our company for several years. You’ll find images of her throughout our site. She has inspired us to pick the best pet promotions that help you to grow your business through promotional marketing.