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Corona Uses Imprinted Gifts for Summer Promotion

Corona Extra and Corona Light use imprinted promotions to drum-up sales. Find the hidden code on Corona packages to win trips and prizes.

Prizes included trips to Mexico and Corona branded gifts such as umbrellas, coolers, and other summer outdoor promotional items.

To generate excitement around the brand the company created point of purchase marketing campaigns in large cities as well as a photo contest in bars and restaurants. Check out the beach in Times Square or the giant beer bottle in Chicago. Bring your favorite beach vacation photo to a participating restaurant for a chance to win and be a part of the photo contest.

This is a great example on how to get your customers excited about your brand. A chance to win a huge prize like a free vacation or something as simple as a beach umbrella will create an initiative for your customers to buy.

One Response to “Corona Uses Imprinted Gifts for Summer Promotion”

  1. Rick said:

    Nov 15, 11 at 7:19 am

    Corona is really doing a great job on their marketing campaign and they really know how to target their customers.