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Direct Mail, a top choice for young marketers.

Direct Mail is a widely used advertising media even in today's digital age.

Direct Mail is a widely used advertising media even in today’s digital age.

A recent survey by Pitney Bowes concluded that marketers under the age of 35 are more likely to use promotional mailers than other marketing groups. This information is from 500 completed surveys.

Marketers tend to use multiple channels such as email marketing, social media, and mobile marketing verses a single channel. However the two most widely used are email marketing and … Continue Reading

How a brand evolves… Evolution of the G Series

Watch this awesome video on the evolution of the Gatorade brand. The evolution of the G Series is a fast paced up beat short film that focuses on one 16-month period at a time.

It’s great inspiration on how to create and develop your brand. Your company identity begins with a great logo. A logo should be simple and recognizable. Logos should clearly convey a message about your brand. Your identity should represent your type of business and should be attractive to your target market.

Please visit the Garrett Specialties Resources page for advice and important information … Continue Reading