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Win them over with Tech Gifts

The season for corporate gift giving is here and we’ve found the best way to win over your most important clients. Supported by research conducted by ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute), those who receive high tech gifts will keep them for over eight months. That is much longer than something editable or disposable. Tech gifts imprinted with you logo and marketing message keeps your company brand visible and in mind.

Here are a few tech promotions that you may want to keep in mind.

Se our high-tech pedometer for your high-tech life. Sleek pedometer with USB plug. Accelerometer sensor silently monitors at any angle. Download exercise data to PC with included web site access.

Cell Phone Holder Speaker  features folding cell phone holder with MP3 speaker. dual power 2 x AA batteries or USB, includes 1/8″ speaker hook up wire. Perfect gift for anyone who uses a cell phone.

2D Cell LED Maglite  a technologically advanced lighting instrument.  Benefits include: A Projecting Beam that focuses simply by rotating the head. Balanced Optics provide a focusing, 3 Watt LED, optimized to produce a powerful beam. Intelligent Energy Source Management (patent pending) balancing an optimum high brightness with extended battery life. MAGLITE® LED – Interchangeable between LED and Krypton lamp. (Spare Krypton lamp included in the tail cap.)