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6 Piece Interlocking Puzzle in Seattle Bride

6 Piece Interlocking Puzzle in Seattle Bride

The 6 Piece Interlocking Puzzle has many promotional uses. The image above shows how one of our clients used these puzzles for their wedding! See the excerpt from Seattle Bride below!

“Both the bride and the groom were very analytical, and they found these online for their August 2010 wedding. They had them made with their wedding colors and added the name and date on the puzzle pieces. Besides being a cute takeaway, it gave guests something to play … Continue Reading

Upcoming Advertising Trends: 2012

Upcoming Advertising Trends: 2012. With the new year in full effect it’s a good time to see which advertising and promotional trends we should watch in the future. Here are a few to tickle your ideas.

Social Media: I know what your are thinking “Duh!”, yes but the question is always “How can I be better at it?”. One well known and effective way is to create a list of posts, then send them out one at a time on a set schedule. … Continue Reading