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Upcoming Advertising Trends: 2012

Upcoming Advertising Trends: 2012. With the new year in full effect it’s a good time to see which advertising and promotional trends we should watch in the future. Here are a few to tickle your ideas.

  1. Social Media: I know what your are thinking “Duh!”, yes but the question is always “How can I be better at it?”. One well known and effective way is to create a list of posts, then send them out one at a time on a set schedule. But the other issue is finding “followers” and “likes”. Have you ever tried using promotional products to attract users to your social media? How about an imprinted prize for your 1 billionth like! (Thinking optimistically of course.)
  2. QR Codes: I’m sure you have seen them just about everywhere now. Did you know that you can have your QR code imprinted on several of our promotional products! Why imprint a web address when you can print a QR code that leads receivers directly to your website. What is a QR code?
  3. Branding Makeovers: A lot of companies have been rebranding to gain attention. You may want to consider updating your logo and/or website. A new and fresh look always attracts new customers. Promote your new look at trade shows and events using imprinted giveaways.
  4. Memorable Experiences: That’s what its all about. Your client should always leave with a positive impression. Use email marketing to follow-up and give promo gifts they will remember you buy.