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Calendars and why they still make great promotions.

Promotional Calendars have Staying Power

Promotional Calendars have Staying Power

Do people still buy and use calendars? The answer is yes! In fact 52% of recipients keep them at home and 42% keep them in the office. Maybe they hang it in them kitchen, garage, home office or near the door. At work by the desk or in the lounge area. Where ever they may be they are highly visible.

We like calendars for many reasons. It may not compare to your technology but calendars are still valuable to us. You can get information from them at a glance. You can mark them quickly. Or they might offer you with a daily/monthly quote or fact. Maybe it’s a sports calendar, a pet wall calendar, your favorite hobby or a historical custom calendar.

The fact of the matter is that we prefer something tangible. We want to flip the pages to count how many weeks/months we have until an important event. We like to X out the days where we have accomplished our goals. We want to see the beautifully printed images. The reasons why calendars remain popular household items are endless. And all these reasons are why they make great promotional items. They always put your logo within reach.

Next year’s calendars are hot off the press. So mark your calendars and get your promotions started today!